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To anyone following Princess Twiggles’ blog, this is a message from her Daddy:

The little Princess has been very bad and is hereby restricted from Tumblr until she has reflected on what she has done wrong and learned her lesson.

-Daddy Dragon


Iceland by Moyan_Brenn on Flickr.



This stone filled with small holes is caled a ‘Skålgrube’
it is from the Bronze Age, Sweden
Skålgrube - ‘cup marks’ - are special kind of rock carvings. They have been found throughout Scandinavia, and was in older times in Sweden called ‘älvkvarnar’ - small elf grinding mills. It points toward the former has been used in a ritual context which has sacrificed food (maybe butter) in these pits for elves. It is uncertain how old this practice is and how long it has been in use

Sometimes these cup marks are plotted out in the form of star constellations, I’ve seen some examples of “Big Dipper” (Karlavagnen) and “Small dipper” (Fruvagnen/Lilla Björn) myself. At a location in Norway, there were feet marks cut into the rock about 2 meters away, facing this star constellation. Almost as if it was meant to stand at these feet marks on some certain time, to watch the “dipper” for some reason.

Further on, these cup marks have been in actual cultic use well into the 1800’s here in Sweden, at least. During times of famine, people poured butter or laid sewing needles/coins etc. into these. I regret that I don’t remember the location and exact year (late 1800’s), but in some Swedish village they had two young virgins copulate on such a rock in springtime, and afterwards let the semen run from the “you-know-where” into these cup marks. Supposedly, this led to a good harvest the same year.
It was written about in Swedish Aftonbladet some 10 years ago (2003-2004 I think), by Johanne Hildebrandt. Can’t find the article in question now though…


Preening Barn Owl at Sunset by teagden





Rolls Royce Phantom I 1925

fuck college that money is going into one of these

whoa mama

Sex on wheels

In which Princess Twiggles writes about things that make her happy, banishes Mondays from her kingdom, learns to make pancakes, and writes about being little and her magnificent Daddy Dragon.

Daddy Dragon's blog: http://musings-of-a-dragon.tumblr.com/

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